OEM Automotive Parts

Best OEM Automotive Parts Manufacturers

Shinwon Tech Co., Limited is one of the prominent OEM automotive parts manufacturers in China. We are one of the most sought-after brands concerning automotive parts for multiple automobile companies. We have been providing automotive parts and serving our clients with the best service and the lowest pricing.

Why Choose Us

We are full of resources

Shinwon has a dedicated manufacturing facility. The facility is enriched with the latest equipment and human resource. The staff we have are the most qualified compared to other OEM automotive parts manufacturers. All this collectively takes us head and shoulders above our competitors.
We remain positive as we can provide all the parts you require
If you are searching for a particular automotive part that you can’t find anywhere else, we are here for you. Contact us with our professional and friendly staff and they will be assisting you with your concerns and questions you might have.
We look forward to earning your business and make you our repeat customer.
We have been in business for over a decade
We know we are a contender of a marathon, not a sprint. It reflects our commitment towards client service is unmatched and our priority remains to win YOU; i.e. our customers!

What Sets us Apart As OEM Automotive Parts Manufacturers


To ensure compliance in terms of quality, we have our Quality Control (QC) department. We ensure not a single automotive part goes out from the factory carrying an error. We are also an ISO 9001 certified organization and we also have different certifications. These certifications instill a sense of satisfaction in the minds of our clients.


A qualified and professional workforce is our distinction from the rest of China Metal Parts manufacturers. Our employees make a significant difference in the automotive parts industry. Our staff is trained enough to support manufacturing in multiple areas depending on workload.

Top Sourcing

Your automotive parts are important to us. That’s why we ignore no-name suppliers that don’t have much worth in the industry. We only source high-quality brand-name products and make sure we offer the best factory-backed warranty.