Metal Parts

Top China Metal Parts Manufacturing Company

Shinwon Tech Co., Limited is a leading Chinese metal parts manufacturing company. We have got all the necessary resources; either physical or human, to serve our clients in the best possible manner.

Why Choose Us as Metal Parts Stamping

Certified in Quality

Shinwon remains committed to delivering top-class metal parts,metal moulds to a global business marketplace. We have a dedicated program management workforce to ensure seamless metal parts manufacturing on every new product.
We encourage our employees to remain involved in our quality systems from continual improvement of product launches, processes and operating systems, and statistical process control.

Environment Sensitive

During metal parts stamping and manufacturing, our commitment towards environment protection remains unshakable via:
- Continuous improvement in pollution prevention by minimizing the effects linked with our product, work, and processes.
- Designing and reviewing environmental targets and objectives.
- Complying with relevant and applicable Environmental Laws and Regulations.
- Complying with the Policies of Environment directly impacting our customers.

What Sets Us Apart as Metal Parts Manufacturing Company

Quality Policy

Shinwon strives to manufacture quality metal parts with on-time delivery to satisfy all applicable requirements. To achieve this, we are dedicated to:
- Compliance along with safety, customer, and legal requirements.
- Customer satisfaction through metal parts stamping ,OEM automotive parts and manufacturing for every market.
- Employee involvement in the continual improvement of products, processes, services, and operating systems.
With waste elimination as one of our key responsibilities, our goal is a continuous quest for improvement in every angle of our business.

Safety Policy

Shinwon works hard to offer a safe work environment; especially for our workforce.
We are committed to providing a healthy, safe, and accident-free workplace. Appropriate resources are provided to comply with all the applicable safety laws and
regulations. All employees work together to observe follow safety training, safety rules, and instruction, and wear required personal protective equipment (PPE).

Innovative Approach

Our innovative approach sets us apart from other metal parts manufacturing companies. We develop our human resource capacity through an innovative approach that is suitable to meet the functional needs of the metal industry.