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Custom Metal Moulds For Casting Manufacturer in South Korea

Shinwon Tech Inc. is one of the leading names in the Custom metal molds industry. Our competitive pricing and customer-winning customization make us the top metal molds manufacturing company.

Custom Metal Casting Molds Manufacturer

With regards to metalworking, casting is a process in which metal is subject to liquefaction. It is then poured into a mold which is then solidified after cooling into the shape of the mold’s cavity. The solidified metal piece is also known as the ingot or casting. It is then liberated from the mold to end the process.
We help you realize all the possibilities that exist with your metal part designs. Sophisticated CAD and CAM software enable us to directly work with your supplied designs to create Custom metal casting molds for you.
Your provided idea enables us to directly create your metal moulds for casting quickly and accurately.

What Sets us Apart Custom metal molds

Quality Machinists:

Shinwon’s machinists provide ingenuity in machining that solves customers’ challenges and issues. Working with a wide knowledge of metal moulds for casting properties and the related equipment, our machinists can produce in bulk and offer a wider range of metal parts because they go for maximum efficiency. The result they achieve is a consistent and high-quality final product.

Quality Inspections:

Our Quality Control (QC) department is engineered with the latest measuring equipment. We have an array of comprehensive manual testing and measuring equipment for custom metal molds or OEM automotive parts. Most importantly we always hire educated inspectors having the ability to carve the most out of our equipment. They ensure consistency in quality from our facility to yours.

Shipping and Packaging:

Our team for packing and logistics has years of experience. They are seasoned enough to find the right packaging method to ensure your custom metal casting molds reach your warehouse in the desired condition.
We understand that element of fragility kicks in. Therefore, we strive to ensure our metal moulds for casting travel safely to their final destination.


We always hire fully capable of providing technical support who the ability to comprehensively respond to all of your machining questions.