About Company

Shinwon Tech Co., Ltd. specializes in metal processing, mold making, and design, and we are making our best efforts with the management philosophy and pride of producing the world's best press processing products.

Based on creative attitude and continuous efforts, we will become Shinwon Tech, the leading manufacturing industry in the 21st century.

Thank you.

CEO of Shinwon Tech Co., Ltd. and all other executives and employees

Our Service

2D/3D Design

• Customized design to reflect customer needs

Mold Making

• Molding with minimal margin of error

Product Production

• Production without defect

Car 58% / munitions 24% / motor core 11% / etc 7& car
• INSIDE MIRROR and OUTSIDE MIRROR's Internal & External Products for passenger and commercial vehicles Munitions

OUTSIDE MIRROR INTERNAL PRODUCTS OF MILITARY CARS and special vehicle externalities etc.

Subway Motor CORE and Automotive Engine Outlet. General products, etc. in electronics

Certification Status